Drawing vampires… feels good man


Our talk at CCAD was a blast! Thanks so much Kevin Deasey for arranging this for us! #elioliart #elioli #CCAD

These girls are so sweet and encouraging. My favorite indirect quotations from their inspiring talk last night:
Be kind, patient and humble. Encourage others, never degrade your own work or someone else’s. Keep drawing and learn at your own time. Thwart negative energy by being positive - Negativity effects your work.
Being young and early in the game really doesn’t matter because in the end, we all gotta do what we gotta do. Feelings of jealousy and intimidation helps no one. In a company environment, nobody thinks about your age. We’re all working artists with a lot to learn from each other!
With art block, something is sure to come back. You’re not going to forget how to draw just like you’re not going to forget how to ride a bike. 
Take time to recharge your spirit outside of your work. Don’t burnout! Take care of yourself. 
Many of our opportunities and connections sprouted from talking with people at CTN, whether they are tables or fellow artists. Bring a physical portfolio and a business card and share your art with people there. Who knows what friends you’ll make and who they might know?
Don’t be pressured to have a style! Inktober sketch posts lately look really clean and finished, but does their whole sketchbook look like that? We’ll have a character sketch on the side of one page, an eye in the corner, a floating head up top… Exploration and growth is important so do your own thing and most of all… enjoy your work! 
A character concept from my short film The Secret. 
a campus treat
My friend needed a sketch of people cleaning for a test cleaning business called ‘ACME.' No gender bias here… :-” ~ ♪ ♫
I’ve been going through my figure drawing and I have a lot of beautiful ones that don’t quite fit in my animation portfolio. I figured I would share this one
Rough ideas for my business card. KAPOW!!

Animal and zoo drawings! 

Not feeling well today so I am gesture drawing animals
My boyfriend forgot to tip his stylist for his haircut so Ive drawn a picture to include with the tip Im going to drop off

Taking gestures and configuring their poses into Red Arrow

On a mission

Working on a shadow style similar to Seung Eun Kim

Wonda woman